MAX multipurpose boat - Finnish craftsmanship

Alpo Pro Boats Oy, a Finnish manufacturer of aluminium catamaran boats, introduced the new MAX aluminium boat in 2021. There are currently six size range in the collection.

Alpo Pro Boats, a boat manufacturer based in Rauma, has revamped and created a new boat brand and six new hull models called MAX. Compared to their predecessors, the pontoon hulls have been completely redesigned, resulting in improved load capacity and, especially in extreme conditions, having a smoother, more comfortable, safer and faster drive.

We dare say that the MAX boats are the best in their size category even in higher waves, and so we strongly recommend a test drive to anyone considering a buying a boat.

Catamaran boats also come with more equipment, such as sofa beds in different sizes, a bimini canopy, height-adjustable windscreen in the steering wheel, electrically opening bow ramps, etc.

At the 2023 Helsinki Boat Show, we will present the MAX 68 cabin and MAX 48, which will be added to our range at the request of our customers.

Aluminium catamarans are real multi-purpose boats, which we believe is very important given the generally short boating season in Finland. Whether you are a fisherman, a camper, an archipelago builder or a yachtsman, MAX boats are used as soon as the ice breaks the water and are only lifted up when the sea freezes.

MAX boats may not necessarily catch the eyes of estheticians with their appearance, but that's not the point. Rather, they are aiming for top-notch wave performance, functionality and ease of movement at sea.